My Little Yorkie is now 5 years old. Its truly amazing how quick they grow up and how the change over the years. Although she is no longer a puppy I still get the times where she has crazy energy and will play no stop. Puppy pads have truly been a huge deal in my house. With no yard at all I really did bot have a choice. I used to buy them from Target. The Arm and Hammer brand. The worked OK but I new there is a better deal out there. I get all my puppy pads from There service is truly as good as the testimonials state on the site.

Dogs tend to have there favorites spots where the like to go. I reward my dog every time I see her use the puppy pads. If you have puppy pads in a place in the house where you don’t want them to go, only reward them in the spots you want to keep. Eventually they will just go in the spots you like the pads because they really love those treats.